Here are some of our most popular best-in-class open source projects.

  • node-ray

    This is the official integration for the Ray app and NodeJS/Javascript/TypeScript.
    npm install node-ray
  • vue-ray

    An npm package for using Ray with Vue v2 & v3 projects.
    npm install vue-ray
  • alpinejs-ray

    An npm package for using Ray with AlpineJS.
    npm install alpinejs-ray
  • x-ray

    Quickly scan source code for calls to Ray.
    composer require spatie/x-ray
  • node-ray-cli

    An application for debugging CLI scripts and sending data to the Ray app right from the command line.
    npx node-ray-cli --help
  • phpcsfixer-preset

    Use the same php-cs-fixer configuration across multiple projects with ease.
    composer require permafrost-dev/phpcsfixer-preset --dev
  • coverage-check

    Check a project's code coverage, optionally enforcing a minimum value.
    composer require permafrost-dev/coverage-check --dev
  • php-code-search

    Search PHP code for function & method calls, variable assignments, and more.
    composer require permafrost-dev/php-code-search
  • code-snippets

    Easily create and work with code snippets from source code files of any type in PHP.
    composer require permafrost-dev/code-snippets
  • package-sync

    An npm package for synchronizing PHP & Laravel projects with Spatie's skeleton templates.
    npx package-sync-cli --help