We've built a lot of cool stuff. This page contains some examples of the various technologies we use.

Recent Repository Revisions

Visualizes recently updated GitHub repositories.

This web application displays the ten most recently updated Spatie repositories, a dynamic timer displaying when they were updated, and a list of recent commits for the first two repositories.

The Github REST API is used to retrieve the information and server-side caching is leveraged for enhanced performance.

Technologies: Laravel • Vue 3 • Tailwind CSS • ES6+ • Github REST API

Libraries: axios • dayjs • laravel-mix

Trending Github Projects

Explore recently trending repositories on GitHub.

The frontend of this web application is a single-page application built with Typescript, Next.js, React and Tailwind CSS.

The backend is a RESTful API server written in Go using the Iris framework and the Gorm ORM, deployed on Kubernetes. The frontend leverages serverless functions to proxy requests to the server for enhanced security and increased performance via Redis caching. Scraped data is stored in a managed MySQL database. The deployment pipeline is fully automated using Github Actions, Vercel, and Scaleway.

Technologies: Next.js • React • Tailwind CSS • Typescript • Golang • Kubernetes • MySQL • API

Libraries: React • Iris • Gorm • axios